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1.Go to India

2. Learn at least one Indian phrase(X)

3. Go to Mumbai , 

4. Experience Old Deli

5.Visit the Taj Mahl

6.Learn two songs from Jodhaa Akbar

7.Have a summer love

8. Experience young love

9.Learn how to dance a traditional Indian dance

10.Buy a saree/sari

11.Buy a bindi/ 1a.have it printed on my head(x)

12.Visit a Temple (x)

13. Visit a Temple in India

14.Meet a Hindu

15.Meet a Sikh

16.Meet a Jew

17.Get Belly peirced

18. Get 8 peircing along my ear like my grandmother had on both ears.

19.Get my nose peirced

20. Have a outdoor shower

23.Shower on a roof

24. Sleep on the roof

25. Count the stars

26.Change someone’s life (x)

27.Learn how to say hello in Indian (x)

28. Make someone fall in love with me (x)

29. Sing infront of a large crowd

30. Sing infront of a boy

31.Buy a dreamcatcher (x)

32. Have the side of my leg covered in henna

33. Get A* in atleast on gcse

34. Feed a hungry person for a day.

35. Sponsor a orpahn (x)

36. Kiss someone unexpectedly

37. Get a tattoo

38. Wear Abaya

39. Get married

40. Have children/ raise a family

41.Smile at a stranger (x)

42.Meet a Chinese person

43. Go to Palestine

45.Go to a Indian wedding

46. Go to a Pakistani wedding

47.Go to a wedding

48. Have a star named after me

49. Sleep outside for one whole night

50. Build a fort

51. Meet a life changing person

52.Go to a festival

53. Sneak out to a party etc.

54.Meet someone only for a day

55. Live to see cancer be cured ( InshAllah)

56. Go to Afghanistan 

57. Go to Iraq

58.Meditate for one whole night outside

59.Learn lyrics to a indian song

60. Go to a modern art gallery

61. Discover something

62. Bury a memory box for the next generation

63. Live to see my children get married

64. Meet my soulmate

65. Go to Mecca

66. Become closer to Allah s.w.t

67. Save someone’s life

68.Camp out

69. Grow my hair really long (x)

70. Learn how to cook a good meal

71.Make my parents proud

72. Dye my hair orange

73.Watch Broadway at actual Broadway.

74. Have a Indian Themed Wedding

75.Do Something outrageous

76.Slap someone across the face

77. Throw a drink in someone’s face

78.Build a Mosque

79. Build a Well

80.Visit a Orphanage

81.Volunteer for a charity work

82.Sneak into neighbours back garden

83.Walk outside my window onto the platform

84.Swim in deep ocean at night/day

85.Go scuba diving again

86.Sleep with candles around my room

87.Experience Holi

88.Experience Davli

89.Buy something expensive with my own money

90.Go to child hood bestfriends wedding

91. Go on a cruise a good one!

92.Go to Yemen

93.Own a rabbit

94.Own a kitten

95.Learn how to belly dance

96.Catch a random plane to any country

97.Talk to a stranger from my window

98.Make someone happy(x) a secret hideaway

101. Get a tattoo on my lower back of ”om”

102.Meet someone like me 

103.Write lyrics all over my room

104.Get kissed on the shoulder

105.Spend my birthday in a other country

106.Go to my siblings wedding

107.Be happy

108.Buy a book with my own money

109.Visit a church

110. Visit the Senegal

112.Convert someone/( not forced)

113. Change someone opinion

114. Grow a garden

115.Go to a Train , SHM or Enrique Iglesias concert

116.Go to Gaza

117. Have a summer baby

118.Give my clothes to charity (x)

119. Play a prank on someone

120.Have a cigar only one!

121. Go to Raabia,Jasmin’s,Saff’s,Razan’s,Najmus;s wedding

122. Go to a street wedding

123. Go out with my friends (x)